Courses for the Summer 2022

CSE 4020 - Database Systems
This course will focus on the theory underlying databases and, in particular, relational databases. This will include the entity-relationship model, the relational model, Structured Query Language (SQL), integrity constraints, and relational database design. As a bonus, students will be introduced briefly to NoSQL databases. Prerequisite: CSE 2010 / ECE 2552
CSE 5260 - Database Systems
An introduction to the analysis and design of typical database systems. Includes theoretical and practical aspects of designing database systems. A substantial project is included. Prerequisite: CSE 2010
SWE 5620 - Software Metrics
Provides students with knowledge of software measurement, experimentation, and data collection and analysis. Introduces the theory of software measurement and explores a range of internal and external software engineering metrics. Discusses what to measure and how to plan and collect data for carrying out measurements. Most of what we measure involves the work and thinking of people.

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