Courses for the Spring 2023

CSE 2050 - Programming in a Second Language (Python)
Introduces a second programming language for computer science majors. Students learn to read and write programs in a second language. The language chosen is one with wide popularity and use. The current language is Python. Prerequisite: CSE 2010.
CSE 4020 - Database Systems
This course will focus on the theory underlying databases and, in particular, relational databases. This will include the entity-relationship model, the relational model, Structured Query Language (SQL), integrity constraints, and relational database design. As a bonus, students will be introduced briefly to NoSQL databases. Prerequisite: CSE 2010 / ECE 2552
CSE 5260 - Database Systems
An introduction to the analysis and design of typical database systems. Includes theoretical and practical aspects of designing database systems. A substantial project is included. Prerequisite: CSE 2010

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